Beta 1.69 is ready to be tested by you!

redesigned Mineral Tower and Rogue class balancing are just some of what the new beta has for you*. For more information, please see the beta changelog!

In addition, we will be testing the server merge process in this beta. 

As a result, we will import characters level 30 and above (instead of the usual level 50) in a future update. This import allows us to examine in detail the merger process, in particular the server's stability and the impact of the various optimizations applied.

This first beta version will import characters from a previous beta as a first step.
Moreover, the rewards, the sidekicks and the haven bag chests won't be available in this beta version.

* As mentioned earlier, we will add content as we progress in the beta. The Masqueraider revamp and Enutrof balancing will be available in a future beta release.


To access the beta from the Ankama Launcher, simply navigate to the general options menu in WAKFU, and then enable "Display other versions" to add the beta client to the list of automatically updated games.

Please note: The beta server is not permanently available. It is only available when the WAKFU team needs to conduct testing. When a beta version becomes available, a message is published on the official website. It is generally accompanied by update notes (a "changelog").

For more details, feel free to check the beta server guide, located here.

As always, we're eager for your feedback here:

Have fun playing WAKFU!