Recently, the Shadofang Finisher left your opponents in a very dark mood. And now, with the Dragon Pig Finisher, they'll be squealing worse than ever! Available in the store through Wednesday, September 2!

The magnificence of the pig and the rustic hardiness of the dragon (or vice versa), together in a single creature: the noble Dragon Pig. In theory, this is a prestigious title held by members of a dynasty of creatures originally born of the union of a dragon and an enormous sow. In practice, these monsters are known for their legendary strength, and their willingness to do whatever it takes to defend and protect the poor little piglets who are too often targeted by Twelvians for their succulent, tender flesh…

Now, the Dragon Pig has decided to bring its ham-fisted touch to your fights as well! Your opponents may have been living high on the hog before, but soon they'll be running away with their curly tails tucked between their legs!


The Dragon Pig Finisher is available in the WAKFU shop through Wednesday, September 2 (11:59 p.m. Paris time). If you decide to buy it, it will be linked to your account.