From today through Wednesday, August 26, a new run is headed your way at a full gallop! So saddle up for epic adventure! We're so sure you'll like the Dragoturkey Run, we're willing to bet on it!

Some like it hot. Preferably stuffed with spiced croutons and chopped vegetables as part of a big Skank Hivin dinner. Other prefer to ride it as a mount, the perfect choice for crossing the vast plains of the World of Twelve. Then you've got your animal rights types, who can't bear the idea of eating one OR using it as a convenient mode of transportation.

For that third group, here's a fun compromise: the Dragoturkey Run!

A Dragoturkey head stuck on the end of a stick (don't panic, it's just cloth and foam rubber!), and you're ready to ride forth over hill and vale!

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Well, what are you waiting for? A coconut-laden swallow?! Hop to it!