Take part in the survey to choose names for the new merged servers!

As we announced at the start of the year, we're planning to merge the game servers down to just two: one server for the French communities (Aerafal and Dathura), and one server for all the international communities (Efrim, Elbor, Nox, Phaeris and Remington).

Since you're one of the players that will make up the population of these future servers, today we're giving you the opportunity to help name them!

We're asking all of you to take part in a survey to choose names for the new servers. Here's the list of names you'll be asked to choose from:

  • Amalia
  • Aguabrial
  • Chad
  • Nogord
  • Ogrest
  • Oropo
  • Qilby
  • Pandora
  • Raval
  • Rubilax
  • Ruel
  • Yugo

We'll determine the results of the survey on August 14th. The names that receive the most votes for each community will become the official names of the two future servers.

To participate, just click here:

Take the survey

Happy voting, everyone!