Since the divine dimension Osamosa opened up, there've been tons of adventurers in the World of Twelve wanting to connect with nature. And also wanting to experiment with it! Well, with the Experimentation Emote, you can give all those poor Twelvian critters a break and pretend to be a great biologist at the same time! Clever, eh?

The new divine dimension known as "Osamosa" has allowed Twelvians to discover a plethora of creatures they had no idea even existed. These creatures are the product of experiments that were carried out to deal with the Eliocalyptic threat. Many adventurers, having encountered the experimental critters, now want to bring their own to life. Who hasn't imagined creating a Bow Meow with the snout of a Blibli, Albatrocious wings, and a Dandy Lion frill? Now, is that a good idea? No.

So we ask that you put away the chemistry set and settle for an emote to make the whole World of Twelve think you're a master of vials and substances – even if you're nothing of the sort.

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The Experimentation Emote is available in the Shop until Wednesday, July 29.