Soon, Osamosa will be opening its doors to adventurers who have a truly wild side! Get ready to discover a glorious kingdom floating on the back of a majestic dragon and… wait, you're not just gonna go there like that, are you? The Osamosa Pack is here to release the savage beast inside you! Would you like to get to know it once and for all?

Nature has taken over in Osamosa. That means you'll have to prove you're beastly enough to enter the divine dimension of the god of flora and fauna. But if you really want to cause a stir, well… Then you should go there all fired up, which is where you'll need the set from the Osamosa Pack.

It's high time for you to awaken and indulge your animal nature! The Osamosa Pack is specially crafted to withstand scratches, pecks and bites. Your fur won't even get gnarled up in it! This pack contains:

  • a 30-Day God Booster,
  • a Draghoul Costume,
  • a Dragon Spirit Emote,
  • a Draghoul Mount Skin (linked to the account),
  • and a Baybitoot.

It's one hot pack!


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