From July 1 through 30, we're inviting you to go somewhere that's bursting with color. It's a cheerful place where creatures that look like tasty sweet treats live. Even so, there's no guarantee you'll make it out alive… Are you ready to face the Jellies and their ruthless emperor?

His colors will most likely give you a splitting headache. His Jellies will stick to you better than Bwork snot or larva mucus. But that's nothing compared to what your host, Emperor Jellix, will put you through…

Don't fall for his big sweet guy looks. Your worst nightmares have got nothing on him… The emperor seems to have the nasty habit of giving his victims "big hugs". Those who lived to speak about it have chilling stories to tell. This deadly embrace is described as unbearable, with some even characterizing it as torture. They also say it feels quite like being covered in a thick layer of sun cream and everything sticking to it. It's just awful…

If reading this anecdote doesn't make you start shaking like jelly, then from Wednesday, July 1 through Friday, July 31, head to the Jelly Dungeon in the Jellith Dimension.

Mint, lemon, strawberry, or raspberry… You're sure to find your favorite flavor of jelly – just paste them one after the other! Once you complete the dungeon, you'll earn a special title and a reward token.

Keep in mind that to participate in this Boss Smasher, your level must be matched to the dungeon and set to Stasis 21.

Good luck, everyone!