The next update is going to make you shout some "grah-wooooooooooo!", some "hoooooooot!", some "moooooo!" and even some "baaaaa!" because the divine dimension of the wildlife god is going to open its doors to any kind of hairy (or feathered) adventurers. Now it's time for you to get ready, and you can start by checking the Osamosa's trailer!

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Osamosa is a resplendent kingdom, a new colourful world. You won't believe what you see... it's wonderful! This dimension, that is as majestic as the dragon who carries it, harbours the most incredible creatures you will have ever seen...

Here, nature has taken its rights back. To be honest, nature never really lost them...

There's no doubt that Osamodas dimension will awaken your inner animal and your most primal instincts! But are you really ready to discover those lands? Or will you, for the first time be more the prey type than the hunter's?