To mark the release of the next update and seeing as Haven Bags have been given a makeover since Update1.67, we're holding a contest!

As we told you in the latest Ankama (Not) Live, a new divine dimension is arriving in the next update: Osamodas's dimension.

So the other gods of the Krosmoz won't get into a jealous rage, why not pay tribute to them by decorating your Haven Bag in their honor? Whether you're an adherent of the god Iop or a devout servant of the goddess Feca, use this contest to prove your allegiance!

How to Enter

Nothing could be simpler: Just decorate your Haven Bag in the theme of "Divine Haven Bag"!

Once decorated, make a screenshot or gif of your Haven Bag and post it in the relevant thread.
If you need help posting your creations in the forum, don't forget to check out the tutorial available at this address.

You've got until July 3 to submit your creations. Entries posted or edited after this deadline will not count.

What About Prizes?

We're obviously going to reward you for your efforts. The three most original creations will be selected on July 3 and will win the following prizes:

  • First place: 30-day Booster + choice of God Costume + choice of God Haven Bag
  • Second place: 7-day Booster + choice of God Costume + choice of God Haven Bag
  • Third place: choice of God Costume + choice of God Haven Bag

It's time to get decorating, so good luck! May the gods be with you!