Ooooom… OOOOOM… OOO… Oh! Sorry, we were just doing a few spiritual exercises. Would you like to join us? Come on… Treat yourself. You'll love it! You can see it from kamiles away: Your Pandawushakras are looking worse for wear. What if you took a few moments between two fights to try out the Meditation emote?

Have you ever noticed how each year on Junssidor 21, Pandawas get into strange postures to see how flexible they are and to test their muscles? Peaceful Boowolf, majestic Crobak, flight of the Mastogob, downward Bow Wow, upward Bow Meow, skyward Tofu: These names refer to creatures that everybody knows, but like you've never seen them before.

This practice dates back to the time when a grouchy, potbellied Pandawa got irritated by the unbearable sound of his neighbor's squeaky fiddle while the Gobbstock Festival was in full swing. He decided to keep his cool and focus on his breathing. He also did a few stretches while enjoying his favorite dish of fried bamboo stalks.

Since then, Pandawas have gotten into the habit of practicing this discipline, known as Yogra, that consists of entering a deep state of zenitude, sometimes while delighting in delicacies (if you can call them that).

From now through Tuesday, July 7, you too can enter a deep trance with the Meditation emote. That should leave you all chilled out and ready for the new update!