Make way, MAKE WAY! Here it is! The weekly Brotherhood of the Tofu video. Ruel has come along to take a look back at a retrospective that's as shiny as a kama and as stinky as old wet socks (you can be both at once, you know!). Just to give your memory a little shove-l (hehe): The WAKFU 4 Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is starting soon!

In each group of friends, there's always someone with a strong personality who stands out from the others. An exceptional person who is seen as a wise figure. Someone who shows restraint, maturity, and makes decisions – no matter how tough – when required. Somebody who inspires blind faith and who can be relied on. In short, a leader.

Ruel isn't one of them. The Enutrof may have a heart of gold as if it were a giant kama, but as for the rest… But when it comes to that retort that hits the Gobball's-eye, that witty comeback, that cutting remark that lands right where it hurts… It's like a kama clasped in his hand – you can't take it away from him! Besides, you've got to admit the old-timer's got a résumé that's as long as a day of adventure in the life of Dally. Treasure digger, bounty hunter, captain of the Real Gobbly Gobbowl team, precious metal singer, and even waiter at the prestigious Wakfur Seasons restaurant.

Are you eager to see the good old penny pincher again? With each passing season, you eventually grew attached to him too, didn't you? Then don't forget there's a crowdfunding campaign getting underway soon, starting Monday, June 8, to be precise. Its aim will be to give your heroes of the Brotherhood of the Tofu one final chapter of adventures that promise to be more crazy and exciting than ever before. They're counting on you!

But for now… It's time for some pictures.


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How about that… If you'd told us that even Ruel Stroud would have us on the edge of our seats, making our hair stand on end like that! And do you know what? With your help, the big-hearted skinflint might just not yet be ready to hang up his shovel!

See you back here next week for a new video, and starting Monday, June 8, for your series's crowdfunding campaign!