Stop acting like a victim! Thanks to this finisher, you can command respect once and for all! Okay, respect from cute little hairy or feathered creatures, yeah… But that's a good start, isn't it? Available in the store until June 3 11:59 PM (Paris time).

Making a Striped Bow Meow jump through a hoop of fire, getting a Bearbarian to ride a unicycle for kamiles, and pulling Piwis' strings so they'll perform series of the most incredible celestial pirouettes… You can do all that.

All it takes is one look and a wave of your hand for absolutely all creatures – whether they're hairy, feathered or scaly – to know exactly what you expect of them and immediately carry out your wishes. But be careful! You've got to act with the utmost respect for animals… (just in case you're reading this, Jayne Goudal)

The Master of Beasts Finisher is available now until June 3 11:59 PM (Paris time) in the WAKFU store!