The strength of this emote lies in its dual action (kind of like those kaliptus drops you can buy in Frigost). First it brings you joy and happiness. And then it throws off your opponent. That's when you strike! Or you could always recruit them for even more laughs… In short, it's a powerful emote.

Times like these call for some levity! How about we all rediscover our inner fresh Incarnate? Remember? Those carefree days when you wouldn't harm a fly, and the idea of picking a crozolily was unthinkable. What's that? Not accurate for you? Ah… You've always been a bloodthirsty warrior, huh? Alrighty then…

Well, no matter – every seed, even bad ones, can bloom into a flower. So ditch your outer shell and all the tough-guy trappings, because even Kouto Smisse would never turn down a game of Leap-Gobball! It's true! (Sure, he might end up leaping at your throat, but that's not important… Or is it?)

To get the Leap-Gobball emote for yourself, visit the WAKFU store now through May 27.