May 1 through May 31, rush over to Tsu's Palace, located deep in the Bonta Mines. The leader of the Moskitos is waiting to bug you, and then some!

After the last Boss Smasher, you might've hoped for a breather… Well, you're out of luck! The next boss really… sucks… and is always out for blood. You'll want to swat him away when he bites you over and over. A real pain, in other words! This giant Moskito would make Vampyro himself turn pale with envy. Even Eniripsas, who are usually accustomed to big needles, tend to run away from his massive proboscis! Consider yourself warned.

Sometime between May 1 and May 31, be sure to visit Tsu's Palace. You'll need more than just a rolled-up Amakna Gazette to be victorious, but keep a cool head and you'll earn a special title and a reward token!

Keep in mind that to participate in this Boss Smasher, your level must be matched to the dungeon and set to Stasis 21.

Good luck, everyone!