As Fairy Lax Day approaches, some raise their fists to air their grievances, while others use them to charge into battle and protect the defenseless. But even if neither of these describes you, as long as you've beaten up a Piwi or two with your bare fists, you've earned the Heroic Finisher.


You're an everyday hero. Yes, you! You there, the one reading this. No, really! Have you ever taken a moment to pause and reflect on everything you've accomplished since your soul first arrived in Incarnam? Truly, the mind reels at the enormity of your achievements. If they were handing out awards for heroism, you'd deserve the top prize! And let us tell you something: You don't need red underpants or a skin-tight spandex outfit, or magnificent bulging muscles and a rock-hard physique that just… whew!

What were we saying? Anyhow, whether you're built like a Grawn or have all the charm of a Mumussel, the Heroic Finisher is here, ready for you to use it and abuse it at the end of every one of your fights!

Available in the WAKFU Shop through May 6.