Whether you get your day rolling at dawn or don't roll out of bed until noon, this run is for you! From today through April 29, keep your eye on the ball and get ready to roll!

Inspired by a traditional defense technique used by the Prespic people, this run* is useful in all kinds of different situations. For example, not only will it save Pandawas the trouble of walking upright after one too many pints of fermented bamboo milk, it can help keep you dry when it's pouring outside, and let you knock down your enemies like so many bowling pins.

But don't get too carried away… when you're really having a ball, it's not always easy to slow your roll!

Available in the online Shop until April 29 11:59 PM (Paris time).

Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "rolling with the punches".

*The Rolling Run is linked to the account. The color of your hair is the color of the run's animation.