From today through April 15, you'll get 3 items as a bonus gift when you spend €25 or more* in the Ankama Shop! Whether you play DOFUS, WAKFU or DOFUS Touch, no need to be jealous, there's enough great stuff for everyone!

From now through April 15, whether you're a hardcore DOFUS fan, a fierce defender of WAKFU, or a loyal servant of DOFUS Touch, we've got a great deal for you! Get 3 items for free with any €25* purchase in the Ankama Shop.

In WAKFU, the Pawtypoopew pet will, surprisingly enough, fill you with a sense of euphoria and exaltation (unlike your enemies, who suddenly won't feel so great about life).

DOFUS players will receive the Esspeakewlair set, once worn by the famous warrior Romulu Ceremu!

Meanwhile, DOFUS Touch fans will get a Stovehelm Hat to bring out their smoldering eyes…

But wait, there's more!


Three cute new pins are also available in the Ankama Shop!

                  DAUGE PIN                           MINIFOUX PIN                       TIWABBIT PIN


* Excluding shipping costs; offer valid while supplies last. If you qualify for the offer, it will appear in your cart. The 3 codes will be sent in your package.