So you think you've run out of things to do at home? Nonsense! We're offering two emotes to join the fray. Attack!!!

"Hitting a pillow does much more good than Eniripsa," or so a healer-warrior is reputed to have said to her brother in arms before going to bed. Supposedly her way of touting the merits of resting after a long day of fighting… except that the companion in question was an Iop, who took the expression way too literally. Instead of going to sleep on his feather bed, the ninny grabbed his pillow and went to hit his friend in her bed. It could have ended poorly but… the Eniripsa had many good qualities, not the least of which was a playful spirit. A few minutes later, the entire camp was embroiled in a massive pillow fight…

To honor this joyful in-game tradition with your friends, the shop is offering, until Wednesday, April 21 at 11:59 PM (Paris time) the two emote (Pillow fight emote and Throw a pillow emote) in real currency, or for 1,800 Ogrines on sale each.

We also offer you a Pillow Pack that contains both emote in real currency, or for 2,800 Ogrines

The two emote will then be available all the time, only in Ogrines, for 2,000 OG.