Warning! There have been reports of a Primordial Dragon in the shop. He's big, he's got wings, and he's an angry blue blood through and through. The good news is: If you get his pack, you won't be on the receiving end… your enemies will!

Many an adventurer has tried their luck, but it often ended with nothing more than a big splash (literally): Aguabrial, the turquoise primordial dragon, gives anyone who gets too close a dunking.

Don't be such a scaredy–Bow Meow! He won't hurt you (this time). Warm and snug in his pack, he's as happy as a Snapper in water!

With the Turquoise Dragon pack, there's no need to shed sweat, blood, and tears to make him obey your every command. Check out what this pack contains:

  • 30-Day God Booster
  • Aguabrial Finisher (New! Linked to the account.)
  • Aguabrial Mount skin (New! Linked to the account.)
  • Turquoise Dragon costume (New!)
  • Aguabrial Haven Bag kit (New!)

Hmmm… Seems like that did the trick and you're eager to take the plunge.

There's only one thing left to do – take the plunge!