We're back to reveal the winners of the Destination WAKFU 2 event!

It's already been a few weeks since Destination Wakfu 2 ended. Lots of you participated and took on all the challenges. It was great to see all the energy you put into these 9 very intense days!

Now that we've finished confirming everyone's participation, it's time to reveal the names of our winners!

Congratulations to SaucissonYT, who was the first to complete all stages of the Main Thread! He was also the first to complete the Archmonsters mission, the Nations Quest, the Ultimate Bosses at S31 (with zimasfeca) and the Astrub Metachievements! For all that, he'll receive:

  • Twitch costume
  • Shhhushued costume
  • Eliocalyptic costume
  • 2 exclusive event titles
  • God Pack
  • Winged Run
  • Vampyric Dragominus mount skin
  • Gobball War Chief mount
  • 30-day God Booster

And congratulations to Zimasfeca, who will receive:
  • Shhhushued costume
  • 1 exclusive event title
  • Winged Run

Congratulations to Rom355, who got the most Glory Orbs and the most achievement points! For that, he'll receive:
  • 1001 Claws costume
  • Eliocalypse Pack
  • 1 exclusive event title
  • Winged Run
  • Phoenix pet

Congratulations to Necko, who was the first to get the Seal of Companionship! For that, he'll receive:
  • 1 exclusive event title
  • Noxine Pet
  • Cloud Knight sidekick

Congratulations to TeamWonder, who was the first to finish The Right Stuff! For that, he'll receive:
  • Wodent costume
  • 1 exclusive event title
  • Botanic Run

Congratulations to Sylverteurz, who was the first to reach 1000 citizenship points! For that, he'll receive:
  • Just-Is League costume
  • 1 exclusive event title

Congratulations to Cracotetenebreuse, Dark-sedeo, Ticanow, Slheys and Yuytjyj, who excelled in the Dungeon Rushes! They each receive:
  • 1 exclusive event title
  • Winged Run
  • 7-day God Booster

And for all participants who completed the Main Thread of the event and took part in the Dungeon Rush, you will receive 2 loot potions, 2 XP potions and the title "From Zero to Hero".

The new event titles will be issued when update 1.67 is deployed. The remaining rewards will be distributed in the near future.

Congratulations are also in order for Gatikdanny, who won the drawing contest! He wins the Chancellor's Costume for this magnificent drawing:

But the adventure isn't over yet!

Community Discord servers are in place and ready to welcome you. All it takes is one click to hop onto one and continue your adventure with the community!

We'd also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Zaki's entire team, who really gave it their all throughout the event. A big thanks to all of them!

We hope you enjoyed the event, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Congrats again, everyone, and enjoy the game :)