Update 1.67 is arriving in-game on April 7. So get ready!

Update 1.67 will be arriving in-game next week! You'll find loads of new additions and improvements, including:


And that's not all! There are changes to your in-game services as well: There's now just a single type of Booster and Mount Zinit is now open to everyone (source)!

So join us in-game on the servers on April 7 to explore Update 1.67: Mansions & Dragons!

Ankama Live

You're invited to check out the new update with us in an Ankama Live event on Friday, April 3 at 4:00 PM (Paris time).

Meet the team to talk about the update, and who knows – we might have a few announcements to make and some gifts to hand out…

  • The live event will be broadcast on Twitch, on our Ankama Live channel.
  • As with our last live broadcast, the first part will be presented in French starting at 4:00 PM (Paris time), followed by a second part in English.