An AnkamaLive session will be taking place soon in connection with the "Destination WAKFU 2" event, which invites you to start your favorite MMO over again from the beginning. Don't miss one second of this live session: a costume will be given away during the broadcast!

As you may recall, "Destination WAKFU" was created just over a year ago to present players with the bold and exciting challenge of resetting all their progress and restarting the WAKFU adventure from the very beginning. A few YouTubers and streamers from our player community eagerly accepted this challenge.

Today, Zaki and his team have decided to repeat the experience, this time by putting you in the heart of the revival!

For this special occasion, an AnkamaLive session hosted by Zaki himself and focused on the event will take place on Friday, February 21, at 6 p.m. Paris time on our Twitch channel. Also note that a Twitch costume will be given away during the broadcast.

Note: this live session will be broadcast in French only. However, you can find all the information you need on the event Discord channel and in the forum topic.

Looking forward to seeing you there!