It's time for the Too Faux Karnaval! Flovor 25th is right around the corner, and to lose a few pounds during this gourmand occasion, we invite you hit the dance floor dressed up in an all new Carnival-Goer Costume!

Today through February 26, you can regale the World of Twelve with your best moves as Fitsef, the Meridia of Fun, looks on in amusement.

Under the influence of this costume designed by stylist Kristie Endor and inspired by green googoo, your whole body will twist like never before, just like a little Shushuper worm. Don't be surprised if you can no longer control your arms, legs or any other part of your body (you're forewarned!) and dance all nuit* long. Possessed by the need to dance, you'll unleash your passion (and probably dislocate a joint or two). Chachakira and Bilbyoncé may very well just put their clothes back on (and it'll probably do them some good)!

Your moment of glory has come: get the Carnival-Goer Costume available in your WAKFU Shop now!


*All night long.