If you're looking for a fight this February 1st to 29th, you're definitely barking up the right tree! Half-Arachnee, half-Treechnid, and another half-Arachnee at the back: Treechnell's tough, but we'll bet you can chop her down to size. (Knock on wood!)

Tired of having to dodge the stomping feet of adventurers with no appreciation for furry long-legged creepy-crawlies every time she went out for a walk, Treechnell (who was just an ordinary Arachnee back then) came up with an incredibly clever solution. She asked her closest Treechnid friend for a few pieces of his bark to make a shell from. The resulting creation does an impressive job of protecting her from ill-intentioned boots… but from termites, not so much!

If you're ready to go out on a limb and face Treechnell head-on, make your way to the Treechnee Dungeon from February 1st through the 29th!

You could earn a special title and a reward token!

Please note that Stasis level 21 will be imposed.

Good luck, everyone!