A promise is a promise: more Boss Smashers, starting this very January to kick 2020 off in style (and sparkle) with the illustrious Royal Tofu. This year once again, heads and brand new titles are going to roll…

In 2020, we're sticking with the principles defined this year:

Quick Version

Duration: the entire month

Frequency: all year

Difficulty: Stasis 21

Rewards: special tokens that can be used with the Astrub Inn machine to choose a reward and a title with the theme of the dungeon completed starting with the February boss.

Upcoming Boss Smashers

  • JANUARY 2020: Royal Tofu
  • FEBRUARY 2020: Treechnell
  • MARCH 2020: Royal Crackler
  • APRIL 2020: Kralaboss
  • MAY 2020: Tsu Tsu Tsar
  • June 2020: Chaferfu, Chafer King
  • JULY 2020: Emperor Jellix
  • AUGUST 2020: Royal Puddly
  • September 2020: Gwand Viziew Wabbit
  • October 2020: Bulbrute
  • NOVEMBER 2020: Mamagmote
  • DECEMBER 2020: Pandora

We hope these upcoming bosses have you champing at the bit!

See you in the game starting now to pluck His Majesty the Royal Tofu's supreme tail feathers!