They came, you saw them, and then you lost sight of them… missed connections, every one. But we're giving you a second chance to make a connection with a Mystery Box that's as stuffed as a Dragoturkey on a feast day – the Rubik's Cube!

One Mystery Box to hold them all! Even the squarest of the square will want to behold its inner beauty. That's right, the Rubik's Cube holds many a treasure: the entire contents of the four Mystery Boxes from 2019, no more, no less! Which one will you find this time –

The Rubik's Cube is available in the shop for just 1,500 ogrines each. It can also be yours for free with any purchase of a pack of at least 6,000 ogrines.
Only some consumables are linked, races and mount skins are not linked.

Hurry: After Wednesday, January 1, 2020 (at 11:59 p.m. Paris time), it'll be too late!

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These items are not available in Belgium.
In order to comply with the Belgium Gaming Commission's recommendations, we removed our Mystery Boxes from the shop and from the game.