Time is distorting, the wait seems endless and you've been pacing for days now. Yet, this time the temporal anomalies have nothing to do with it! You will soon be rewarded for your patience: you can breath now, the "The Sadida Kingdom" update will be online starting this comingDecember 10!

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Aaah... You'll finally be able to stroll on the green grass of the Sadida Kingdom in your bare feet, stare in awe at the famous, majestic Tree of Life, sing in unison with the little birds, play hide and seek with the baby gerbeans, taste countless sun-ripened fruits and... Ha ha ha!" You really thought you were at the teddybearbarians', didn't you?

The Sadida Kingdom is moments away from opening its doors to you, but if you're thinking about taking it easy and escaping to the countryside, you're sorely mistaken.

We'd like to remind you there's a quest of the Eliocalypse to work on!

Log in starting December 10!