Now that there's no more hours, no more seasons, and no more ages where the Xelors are pulling out their hair, where the clockmakers' clocks are going haywire, where who, when and how are no longer certain. Now that the temporal anomalies have turned the World of Twelve on its head, some things still remain unchanged. Like the Update pack!

Sadida Kingdom and Eliocalypse are the heart of Update 1.66. Don your finest attire when you slip on the new Eliocalyptic Costume, guard your back with the (also new) Kalypsor pet and blow away your enemies (after busting them up) with the all new Harebourg finisher (link to account)!

The Eliocalypse pack also contains:

  • One 30-Day God Booster;
  • 3 extra Mineral Tower tickets: Powerful Feca Incantations (linked to account).

Can you survive without this pack now that you know it exists?

Get it now!