From December 1st through December 31, the bravest of you can rub up against the prickly trunk of Grozepin. This bad seed is hellbent on swallowing you up like a common fly... Will you be capable of wiping the carnivorous smile off his face?
Evil root, weed, parasite or infected plant: it's hard to say.

The Grozepin is a little of all of them... This monster from the Kannivores family is truly poisonous! He's waiting for you in his dungeon on Moon Island. Be sure to take your anti-itch ointments... Let's be clear. He most certainly won't show you any kindness by letting you leave unscathed!

To send him pushing daisies, go to the Kannivore Dungeon from December 1st to December 31!

You could earn a special title and a reward token!

Please note that Stasis level 21 will be imposed.

Good luck, everyone!