This year, there's not one, but two calendars offering you the chance to spend winter buried under an avalanche of presents! In addition to the traditional riddles,there's also a WAKFU Team Advent Calendar. Find out more in the following news!

Little shivers run up and down your body, and yet the drop in temperature has nothing to do with it. The Advent Calendar (available from Sunday, Paris time) and the promise of 26 presents, that's what it is! Those are shivers of excitement! (Whoa now, calm down, calm down...)

For the uninitiated, it's simple: answer the riddles correctly (one per day) and you'll win a present each time. That's 25 rewards, and you'll win a 26th if you can solve all of the riddles. If you have a booster active on December 25 and answer the day's question correctly, the 26th present is yours automatically.

But this is just visible part of dear Father Kwismas's paunch...

In fact, this year the WAKFU team has decided to spoil you twice over by offering you another, totally different calendar. Here, it's not about presents. It's about brightening up your day-to-day with fun, new moments. Fun anecdotes, announcements, photos, teasers: each team member has contributed all their brainpower to offer you something to keep you from going crazy before December 25!

For more information about this all-new calendar, visit the forum topic dedicated to it!



 * To access the Advent Calendar, you must have made a purchase in the Shop with Ogrines since 1 January 2019, or you currently have an active Booster .