Starting today, you can impersonate the most badass, scariest Iop ever… Just pick up the Karne Mount Skin used by the wicked Dark Vlad! Available in the store through November 13.

The effects of Al Howin are just starting to fade. The screams of Twelvians aren't quite as frequent. And those things on every street corner… The gaunt, ragged bodies, some mashed… of poor pumpkwins that never asked for this!

And yet, you crave more chills and thrills, don't you?

Well, you're in luck, because we have just the thing for you to spook everyone out.

Now through November 13, treat yourself to the Karne Mount Skin and awaken the Dark Vlad within you!

It's available in the store for €6 or 4,500 ogrines.


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