Only a few hours ago, "F" was still an adventurer like any other. One of those who lost their soul, or at least a part of it, in the middle of the daily "drago, brawl, bed" grind. A routine he didn't mind so far and which he had happily grown accustomed to. And, well, that was the problem...

F grew accustomed to everything. To the blood-curdling scream of the monsters he executed. To his enemies' pleas right before he humilliated them. As he went from dungeon to dungeon, quest to quest, instead of spending time with his loved ones...

F had basically grown accustomed to everything. Thus, his brain had more time available to take stock of things. And that made things go "kaboom" inside. An electroshock. After a long discussion with his mother, Felix Flouk came to the conclusion that it was time to take control of his life again.

The next day, he packed his bags and traveled to Bonta, leaving everything behind. There, he would return to his roots as a Masqueraider: he would be a street artist. For months, he performed in the town square, in direct contact with his audience, as Flouky Flex: Acrobat Clown.

At first, no one stopped, except for the militia, who would order him to clear out. At night, he would sleep under the bridges. Each day, he would return to Bonta Square. A game of Bow Meow and Moumouse gradually developed with the authorities, but at the same time, there was a certain complicity with the audience too. More and more people said hello to him, people gave him bread and vegetables, sometimes a little bit of meat. He would also receive insults and threats. But he knew how to fend for himself. And it was worth it. He was happier here than anywhere else.




One morning, the Bontarian Militia arrived early to pick him up. At least, that's what Felix thought. Actually, a politician was preparing to make a speech in the square. "Why here?" the Masqueraider asked. "Because he wants to be in direct contact with his audience, clown!" they responded.

His curiousity piqued, Felix took off his Flouky Flex mask for the day and decided to wait amongst the crowd to hear this political character speak and find learn he stood for. He waited two long hours before the celebrity arrived. Around Felix, there were onlookers, supporters and a few detractors.

"He's going to save us, I tell ya!"

"A charlatan like all the others, that's what he is! He's just arrived from Amakna. He's going to say the same mumbo jumbo to us as he did to them..."

"Listen to him! If we adopt the right measures, we can stop Ogrest's Chaos once and for all!"

Suddenly, as if one sole being, the crowd morphed and chaos erupted. Through the heads and arms, Felix made out a Xelor under a pointed hat greeting the crowd. He was wearing a very elegant midnight blue suit. He took his place behind a lectern, and silence descended upon the explanade.


"My friends, my neighbors, The World of Twelve is in danger.

Our house, our home is submerged... (after a brief silence, he pointed to the right)... and the waters continued to rise! Fecas, Osamodas, Eniripsas, Steamers, Huppermages, Xelors: everyone is unaminous! On land and in the sea, the days of the fauna and the flora are numbered! OUR days... are numbered!!!"

A clamor of approval reverberated, undoubtedly even beyond the city.

"The leaders of this world tell us, from high up in their ivory towers, to limit our impact on the environment. To be reasonable. To consume less natural resources, but to continue to spend our kamas. To not throw our garbage and waste out into nature, while they continue to produce more and more of it. What are we supposed to do, eat them?"

The politician noticed the crowd was wavering.

"I'm talking about the garbage and waste, not the leaders of this world... Hmm... However... HAHAHAHAHAHA !"

His excentric, glacial laughter cast a chill over the crowd.

"With me, you can change things. Otherwise... then you are against me.And if that's the case, don't complain about the consequences..."

The murmures in the crowd turned to grumbles. The speaker signaled to an assistant, who Felix couldn't make out, and someone threwa firework. Bright lights and firecrackers drowned out the protests. Away from the crowd, a wagon drawn by gobballs passed by peacefully. Spooked by the repeated bangs and explosions, they took off like a shot toward the crowd and plowed... right into Felix.





"Mr. Flouky? ... Flouky Flex?"

Felix slowly opened his eyes to discover a young Eniripsa, with a pair of bifocals perched on the end of her nose.

"Where... where am I?

- You're at the Bonta Eniripsa Center. I am the Eniripsa Vabéné. I've been handling your chart since you arrived twenty-one days ago. You suffered an accident in the city square during a political demonstration. You were run over by a wagon of gobballs and suffered impacts on your sides and on your head...
-Twenty-one... days ago??
- Yes, that's right. Do you remember waking up?
- No... That doesn't sound familiar at all. And also, my real name is Felix Flouk. "Flouky Flex" is... my stage name.
- Yes, that's right... (He scribbled something in the chart.)Look here, you awakened several times and argued with the medical staff.
- Really? I... I don't remember, the patient responded, getting up just long enough to manage to sit down nicely in his bed.
- Yes, that's right. You see, we've observed the same behavior each time: first, you are calm and lucid. Then, you seem taken by hallicunations, and we have to restrain you and give you tranquilizers.
- Ah... I... I'm sorry... Felix said timidly, not knowing how to respond.
- Yet... your last awakening revealed something else. You see, the assistant eniripsa caring for you at the time brought you an herbal tea at your request, and it appears that when you brushed her hand, you started having an attack...
- I didn't hurt her at least... ?
- No, quite the contrary, Mr. Flex. You even... saved her daughter!
- Wait, what?
- You started to panic, screaming that the room was submerged in water, that you were going to drown, that you had to get out, and then... you realized that it was a vision. That it wasn't about you, rather a little Eniripsa... that wasn't in this room, rather in a pond just behind the medical center.
- The assistant rushed to help her daughter who was flailing about in the pond. The one that's behind the building. She got bored waiting for her mother. A game that got out of hand, we might say...
- By Sadida!
- As you say!
- What does that mean concerning me? Felix asked.
- Some of my collaborators... (He examined his chart.)... think that you have the madness.
- …
- Pardon, that you have the sim! I read that wrong...
- And what is this "sim" thing?
- According to an old steamer theory, the sim is a dark unused area in each of us. Right here... (He showed him his left temple.) It holds a form of magic that can reveal its effects in certain people after a trauma. It remains an unsubstantiated theory…"
- And you... as an Eniripsa, what do you think?
- I think you've lost it.
- Ah yes... Odd, I would say this is just the kind of diagnosis that would come from a Steamer...
- I mean... hmm... it's a mental disorder that follows an impact. It's nothing out of the ordinary. It was... a stroke of luck!"'





After a few days of observation, Felix appeared to be on the mend and showed no sign of attacks.

On the morning of his last day at the eniripsa center, he learned that the politician was coming to visit him before he departured. The accident had occurred during his speech and "he felt responsible." Or, more likely, he wanted to look good for his campaign...

The Masqueraider was just waiting for him. He had no bag to pack, no personal items except for what he was wearing. His mother had not been notified of his accident. You go try to find the family of a guy named "Flouky Flex!"


Suddenly, he heard a commotion in the hallway. There was a knock at the door:

"Are you visible, Mr. Flex?

- I hope..." the street artist joked.

The Eniripsa Vabéné opened the door for the politician. The politician was bigger than Felix imagined, no doubt because of the large hat that virtually touched the ceiling. The mysterious orator was accompanied by an unusual little being wearing a strange outfit: it appeared dressed for a big chill, despite the mild autumn weather. His forced smile revealed two large crooked incisors. He sniffed.

"I see that you're doing better than the last time I saw you, friend!" the politician said before bounding over to Felix toshake his hand energitically... which was really a veritable electroshock for the Masqueraider!

Seized. Petrified.For what seemed like an eternity, everything in the room seemed frozen, while the frost spread from the floor to the ceiling. The flower on the chest next to his bed froze instantly then burst into a thousand bluish pieces. Motionless, the gnome with the cold, wiping his nose on his sleeve. Motionless, the Enirispa Vabéné holding the door. The politician's aura turned menacing. The frost took hold of him from head to toes, and he let out a cry of pain when the cold appeared to creep into his brain. A vision:

Trees burning by the thousands. Skies blackened by smoke. A gigantic platform. Floating in the distance, behind the smoke. Below, the water, submerging everything, to extinguish the flames and the lives...

Then nothing.

"Are you okay, friend?"

Felix's hand shook the politician's. The others looked at him, worried.


The Masqueraider's lips moved: "You're Count Harebourg."

The diplomat turned around to look at his assistant and at the Eniripsa.

"Yes, let us see... Is there aproblem?

- Not yet,murmured Felix, visibly very disturbed, not yet... "




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