Quicker on the draw than his own shadow, quicker than his shadow's shadow or the shadow of his hand, even quicker than his Bow Wow's shadow. (Well, his preferred animal companion is actually a cute little Bow Meow… you know, his brother Grany!) There's no doubt about it: the Boss Smasher for November is dyyynamiiite! Come take on Remington Smisse!

In the middle of a conversation in a bar of ill repute, someone suddenly drops a bomb on the world's most famous Rogue, the cruelest insult anyone could possibly throw at him: that he's, quote, "not so sneaky and dishonest" as he looks. Oh! Is that so?! And just like that, he looks ready to explode… The conversation quickly takes a turn for the worse. No way to defuse this conflict. There's a sudden flurry of jabs, right hooks, uppercuts and other punches. It just goes to show that Remington's got an itchy trigger finger and ammo to spare…

Come see for yourself by dropping in for a social call at the Rogue's Tavern dungeon, located in the scenic Sufokia Mines. You'll find him there with his hand on the butt of his pistol, ready to blast you to bits at the first wrong move.

You could earn a special title and a reward token!

Please note that Stasis level 21 will be imposed.

Good luck, everyone!