It will soon be squash season – time for mashed kabocha, butternut soup, roasted Pumpkwins… all spiced with a huge pinch of fear, shivers up the spine, hair standing on end, and chattering teeth! Al Howin is fast approaching and, for the occasion, the boutique is holding a flash sale on Geist pets!

All joking aside (at least for a minute), you aren't going to be able to earn your title as the most hardcore and terrifying adventurer of all the Al Howin festivities with a Pandawa Cub, Tufty Tofu, Kerubaby or even Young Wild Sow pet! If you want to inspire fear and and respect among other Twelvians, you'll have to set aside your cute pets (at least temporarily) and opt for a darker companion…

Luckily, the Geist pet is on sale for €5 (or 4,000 Ogrines) until 11:59 PM (Paris time) on October 21 in a flash sale!

Don't miss out!