Not so long ago, we repeated our invitation to share your artistic talents (painting, video, music, salt dough, paper mache, macaroni necklaces, shell sculptures, scrapbooks, etc.) with the world (and not just the World of Twelve!). Once again, you blew us away… And we obviously can't keep it all to ourselves!

As we've done before, let's shine a spotlight on a small selection of those who answered the call to "Show Off Your Talent!". As you can imagine, we would have loved to share all your contributions if we could here. Even though that's not technically possible, know that, once again, you blew us away with the diversity of your talent, personality, and imagination. Hats off to you! But enough talking. It's time for looking!

Adam Crudesco, FR
ArnNormand, EN
Galapagos345, FR :
Gatikdanny, ES
Maitredincarna, FR
Shionshtrr, EN :
ManueW, FR
Thisisbot, EN
Maxiarakne, FR
Stormlighter21, ES
Nasibaa, FR
Emily03, PT
Quera00, FR
Whitedove, EN
Skynether99-3, FR
Zahorii, ES

For all those who haven't yet dared take the plunge, or who simply didn't know about the event, know that it's not too late! For more info, check out the news article on the subject here.