The first conversion stone tests are drawing to a close! Thank you for playing along and giving us your feedback. Today, we have conversion stones more suited to your expectations for you!

Many of you wanted to be able to get a booster with just one conversion stone. So, upon reflection, we have decided to increase its value from 2,500 to 3,000 ogrines. In this way, conversion stones will let you obtain 7-Day Hero Boosters. The price of a conversion stone is changing from €5 to €6 (the €/ogrine ratio hasn't changed: 500 ogrines for €1).

As a result of this change, conversion stone sales that have not been completed will be canceled. So that players are not penalized, the value of stones that were purchased (but have not yet been sold) before this adjustment will automatically be updated and be worth 3,000 ogrines (in other words, their owners will receive the difference for free – €1 or 500 ogrines).

Is this the first time you're hearing about conversion stones? Do you want to know how they work? To learn all about this new mode of payment, check out the devblog about them.