Her eyes are as sharp as the tips of her arrows, and her personality is as bold as… um… a Raul Mops's grin. Even with her balance thrown off by a bulging baby bump, she can still kick major butt between contractions! Evangelyne, the archer with a heart of gold, rarely shows any sign of weakness. Maybe that's because Cras learn to be tough from a very young age…

The window was wide open.

The translucent curtains waved and fluttered lightly in the breeze, almost as if someone was there. But it was only a draft. Through the half-open door, the sounds of laughter, encouraging words and congratulations could be heard: "I'm proud of you, Evangelyne!", "I always knew you'd hit your target!", "The arrow of your life is about to take flight!", "Hahahaha!"

It was obvious at a glance that that this room belonged to a young Cra girl... Or rather, to two of them! A line drawn in chalk on the floor and the walls divided the room in two. One room, two very different moods.

On one side was a wall hanging with the idol of prepubescent Cras everywhere: Viken Bogosner. He drew back his bow, his eye locked on his target, hair blowing in the wind. The bold line of his arrow highlighted his dark and brooding stare, and its flaming tip set young girls' hearts aflame (though not as much as the top of his shirt did, unbuttoned as it was to reveal part of his hairless chest). Minikrons and glitter covered the rest of the bubblegum-pink wall.

On the other, more understated side, the caramel-colored paint contrasted sharply with the rest of the room. A technical diagram of a bow and arrow was framed and mounted on the wall. A long row of books were perfectly aligned on a nearby shelf. The door opened on this orderly side of the room to reveal a radiant Evangelyne.


The girl smiled broadly beneath her platinum tresses. She was wearing her official "lady companion" uniform, the last grade before reaching the highly-coveted rank of bodyguard. She had finally made it! Lost in happy thoughts, she didn't immediately notice the folded letter lying on the chamallow bed over on the girly side of the room. But as she closed the door behind her, she cut off the draft; the curtains fell back into place and the bit of paper wafted gently into the air before settling at the young Cra's feet.

She bent down to pick it up. And suddenly, her expression changed…


"Dear Eva,

By the time you read this, I will already be on the path to my destiny…"

Evangelyne rolled her eyes. This wasn't the first time that Cleome had gone off on some tangent. But somehow, her destiny had always brought her right back home in the end.


This time, I'm really serious! Neither you or anyone else will be bringing me back home. I don't feel like I fit in there… probably because YOU'RE always the center of attention! Just because you're the oldest doesn't mean you have to do everything before me. And it also doesn't mean that you'll always do it better. I've been training with my sling and I'm sure that in a head-to-head competition, I could beat you pants down!"

Eva couldn't stop herself from answering aloud: "Slings are for babies. Try getting good with a bow and then maybe we'll see, you little poser…"

"Ever since you switched to the bow, all you ever do is show off! But that still hasn't gotten you a date with Cooly Fooly, the cute boy in your class! (Don't think I haven't noticed how big a crush you have on him!)"

The young Cra scowled: "Ooh, you little brat!"

She crumpled the letter into a ball and turned to the door to yell:

"MO-O-OM! Cleo ran away again!"

There was a brief pause. Someone downstairs stood up and took a few steps over to the staircase that led to the girls' room. Through the half-open door, a warm and reassuring voice called back: "Your dad's already heading out to go find her, my little sweetie-cakes!"

  • "Mo-o-o-m… I'm not 6 years old any more…"
  • "Oh, that's right, you're 7 now… Well, once you've finished what you're doing, come and help me set the table, my great big sweetie-cakes!"

Eva pursed her lips in exasperation. Then she flattened out the letter to finish reading it.

"You know… Someday I'll show you what I'm worth. I'll prove that I'm brave and strong too. That I'm worthy of being your sister… But for now, you do everything before me and you always set the bar too high.

You've got a big head start, but I'll catch up to you! You'll see I can be better than you at something. Once I manage that, I'll come back… And everyone will be proud of me for a change!

They all think it must be so great to be your sister. At Cra school, they're all like: 'You're Eva's sister! Wow! She's so cool!', 'You're so lucky!', 'Could you bring her this note from me?' and blah-di-blah-di-blee and blah-di-blah-di-blah

When I come back, it'll be your turn to hear: 'Whoa, you're Cleome's sister? Cleome the Bold? Luckyyyy!'

Then you'll see…

Smell ya later, Evange-a-weenie!

Cleome the Bold"

Evangelyne's eyes shone with tears. She had never thought about it that way before. She had always just assumed that her sister loved to bug her and that she was jealous of everything, like little sisters always are! For the first time, she understood how Cleome might feel. And in that moment, she was overwhelmed with guilt. She swore that when Cleome came back, she'd pay more attention. She'd be a better big sister!

Heartened by the thought, she set the letter down on her bed and opened the door: "Mo-o-om! Tell dad I'm coming with him as soon as I saddle up my drago!"

When she turned around, the letter was gone. She looked around the room and spotted it under Cleome's bed. That draft must have blown it down. She knelt down to pick it up and discovered a mound of other letters under her sister's mattress. Had she written others like this? And so many of them? Eva couldn't resist grabbing one of them at random. With a furtive glance around the room, she unfolded the paper.


"My darling Cleo,

You are the sun that lights my day, my starlight at night, my candle in the fearsome dark, the firefly in my garden, the diamond in my mine, the glow-worm at the end of the tunnel, the fire in my…"

"Hey now! Watch it, buddy! That's my little sister you're talking about!" Evangelyne muttered aloud. Amused but embarrassed, she folded up the letter and started to put it back, then stopped at the last second. Who had written these loving words, anyway? After all, Cleome was quite a little snoop herself… and turnabout was fair play! With a mischievous grin, Eva unfolded the love letter again.

"…I'll never forget the day when our eyes met in the cafeteria. I forgot all about my pancakes… and Cra only knows how much I loooove my pancakes!"

"This guy's a real poet…"

"Will you be my sweet little pancake…?


Cooly Fooly"

Now it was the love letter's turn to get crumpled into a ball. Her body quivering with tension, her jaw clenched, and with a vein pulsing angrily on her left temple, Evangelyne swallowed audibly… and then roared: