The boss of September's Boss Smasher might have a chip on his shoulder sometimes, but if you think he's going to be easy to beat, you'd be barking up the wrong tree! Soft Oak is rooted to the spot in his dungeon, just waiting for you… You'd have to be a sap to miss him!

Down Bonta way, in the heart of Yurbut forest, a thousand-year-old tree known to all has taken root. Well… not exactly. You see, Soft Oak is not a Treechnid like the others because his great feat was uprooting himself! A feat that nearly cost him his life… Luckily he was able to count on the kindness of Leaf, a Sadida he once helped who in turn gave him the care he needed.

If the idea of going up against a tree of this magnitude doesn't make your head spin, head to the Treechnid Dungeon from September 1 12:00 AM (server time) through September 30 11:59 PM (server time)!

You could earn a special title and a reward token!

Please note that Stasis level 21 will be imposed.

Good luck, everyone!