Long rejected by his kin for being too different and for his excessively dark appearance, the Black Zordfish spent most of his time alone on the sand, his eyes welling with salty tears… A difficult childhood, but one that forged a strong character.

At his elementary school (of fish), this black fish with a roughed-up ruff inspired a strange combination of fear and disgust. His long pointy nose was a frequent target of mockery.

"It's a rock! It's a cape! It's a promontory! No, wait, that’s too short… It's a peninsula!"

One day, so the story goes, he found himself alone once again at recess, sulking under a palm tree about his fate. Suddenly, "Zdorkfish" (as his classmates called him) heard a distinctive laugh belonging to Jenny, a Cwab girl on whom he had a terrible crush

Bodruwa, a Dominant Snapper who also happened to be his worst enemy, was showing off at the top of an oceanside cliff. As usual, he was wowing the crowd with his best impressions of the teachers, while also performing all kinds of ridiculous acrobatics.

"Hmph... Go ahead, laugh it up! But he who laughs last, laughs best…" mumbled the Black Zordfish bitterly.

All of a sudden, his classmates' shouts of joy turned to cries of terror.

The Dominant Snapper had slipped and was now dangling over the edge, with the long lure that extended from his forehead caught in the foliage of a small bush that had taken root in the cliff wall.

"We've got to help him! That branch is going to break and he doesn't know how to swim!" Jenny cried.

"A snapper who can't swim?! WHAT A LOSER! Ha ha ha!"

"This is no time to be a jerk, Bernardo!" yelled the Cwab.

"He needs something to grab onto so we can pull him back up," suggested Snappy the Fishfrier, idly picking his nose.

"You mean like… some sort of harpoon?" replied Jenny as she turned to face Zdorkfish down below.

The young Zordfish could hardly refuse a request from the lovely young Cwab. Even if it meant helping his worst enemy… And so, in the time it took for her to explain the situation, he had decided to go ahead with the good deed. Of course, he also had a certain idea in the back of his mindThis little "sacrifice" was going to be well worth the trouble.

Arriving at the top of the cliff, Zdorkfish saw all of his classmates looking at him with imploring and embarrassed expressions. In one way or another, all of them except for Jenny had taken part every day in Bodruwa's campaign of exclusion and mockery against him. They were all part of it. But today, they were placing all their hopes in him. A feeling of power that the Black Zordfish found exceptionally gratifying…

"So, I heard you can't swim, huh?" he said to the Dominant Snapper with a big smile, revealing two rows of razor-sharp teeth.

"Don't mess around, Zdorkfish… I'll do anything you want. But please, just pull me back up!"

The Snapper examined the situation from every angle at a leisurely pace. Secretly hoping that the branch might break, ridding him of his hated classmate once and for all…

Then he turned to the other Snappers and put on a grave expression, intentionally exaggerated.

"Well, there's only one solution that I can see. It's risky, but it's the only way I can think of to get him out of this…"

"Out with it!" squawked Snappy the Fishfrier impatiently.

"His underwear."

"What about his underwear?" Jenny seemed intrigued.

"I'll have to snag him by his underwear. But I'm warning you, this won't be pretty."

Bernardo couldn't quite hold back a little snicker. Jenny gave him a withering stare that immediately restored his serious expression.

"Uhh… Are you sure there's really no other solution?" There was a tinge of panic in Bodruwa's voice.

"Totally sure." Behind his seemingly stoic expression, Zdorkfish was positively jubilant.

"Well then, quit talking about it and get him up here, quick!" Jenny shouted.

"Uh, wait a second! Um… I should have a say in this too, right? 'Cuz, uh…"

"Would you rather just hang out down there? Maybe wait around for the Crobaks to come and pick you to pieces?" The young Cwab was starting to lose patience.

"She's got a point," Zdorkfish added. "This is no time to be modest… pal." Could this moment be any more exquisite? The Black Zordfish was savoring every second of it. The time had come to finally take action. The Snapper lay down flat on his belly, wriggling as close as he could to to the edge.

"Be careful, Zdorkfish…" whispered Jenny in a quiet and tender voice.

The Black Zordfish could hear his heart pounding in his ears. Not because of his fear of heights, or the wind whistling over the cliff, or even the incredible risk he was about to take. She had spoken to him… And so very kindly, at that…

With a fresh burst of courage, Zdorkfish stretched his nose out as far as it would go. After several failed attempts, he finally managed to poke it into the Dominant Snapper's underpants.


"Oops, sorry…"

Behind him, Bernardo chuckled stupidly.

With an immense effort, the Black Zordfish managed to free the accidental circus performer from the scraggly little bush and lift him back up. Just as he was about to set him down gently on solid ground, Bodruwa's underwear gave way. And so he landed on the ground with his butt in the air and a stupid look on his face as his classmates looked on, stunned.

The tension in the air was suddenly relieved. Caught up in a rush of relief, the little group burst out laughing in unison. Zdorkfish included. The only one not laughing was Bodruwa, who felt himself drowning in a tidal wave of embarrassment

Elevated to savior status, the Black Zordfish had also finally gotten his revenge for all those past humiliations. Two birds with one stone… But the most satisfying part of it all was that cheerful, knowing glance from Jenny…