First we added a garden area, then a space for relaxation, and now the third and final part of our WAKFU Haven Bag will be built. This time, you've got free rein! We have no doubt your personal touch will enhance the whole space…

This summer's community event is almost over already! One more phase before the final verdict

Work is progressing quickly. See for yourself:

If you don't already know, the three nicest designs containing all three areas of our Haven Bag will win prizes. These prizes are:

  • First Place: 30-day God Booster + 1 Beachgoer Costume + 1 Sänd Cästle Emote
  • Second Place: 1 Beachgoer Costume + 1 Sänd Cästle Emote
  • Third Place: 1 Beachgoer Costume

After two dictated themes, we thought it'd be nice to give you a little freedom… So don't hold back – let your personality shine through! Show us who you really are by making this third and final areaa space that's just right for you.

As with the previous stages, be sure to post your entry in the forum thread for the event.

And once again, an AnkamaLive session will be streamed on Twitch, on Thursday, August 29 6:00 PM (Paris time).

We're expecting to be moved!