We haven't said it in a while, but… we love your creativity! Are you a fan of WAKFU, the World of Twelve and the Krosmoz in general, like we are? Drawings, paintings, illustrations, music, cosplay, videos and even – why not?! – yummy dishes… Show off your talents and share your creations with us!

You have always surprised us with the work you've sent us. Whether it's your favorite character classes, creatures, or heroes that fascinate you, you've always taken the initiative to bring them to life your way.

Little by little, the idea of collecting these works and bringing them together in one place to share your drawings, music, videos, cosplay, and all the other creative things you've dreamed up with the community has grown and flowered! Let's go big and create a virtuous circle in which we all inspire each other!

Send us your creations:

  • By email: [email protected]
  • By mail: ANKAMA, WAKFU Community Management, 75 boulevard d’Armentières, 59100 Roubaix, France. (Warning! If you send them by mail, we won't be able to return your creations.)

A Few Rules to Follow:

  • Your work must be inspired by WAKFU, its creatures, its characters, its universe, etc.
  • If you send your creation by email, it must not exceed 5 megabytes and must be in one of these three formats: .bmp, .jpg or .png.
  • The subject line of the email must be in the following format: Forum nickname – Fan Creations.
  • And of course, you must imperatively be the author of the work.

​​​​​​​Note: By sending us your creations, you agree to the fan art publication agreement that allows us to share your creations on all our pages, as well as edit them or alter them so that they are compatible with certain formats.

Take the plunge!

Discover your works and those of other fans soon in a special news article and on our social media!