Update 1.64 is finally online! Log in to the game now to see the lush and idyllic landscapes of Pandalucia with your own eyes!
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At long last, the update made with genuine bamboo is now available in-game!

Check out:

Well, what are you waiting for?! Hurry along to the joyful land of happy travelers!

If you experience any issues or bugs after today's update, please report them in our Bug Reports section.

Aside from this new update, what about a new pack inspired by the lush and dreamlike land of Pandalucia? The bamboo milk flows freely, this pack may get your head in a bit of a whirl... Consume without moderation!

This pack contains :

  • Shenroak Costume (new!)
  • Pandawa Cub (new!)
  • One Pandalucia Haven Bag Kit (new!)
  • 3 extra Mineral Tower tickets: Powerful Feca Incantations (linked to your account)
  • 30-Day God Booster

Don't miss out!