Many of you have regularly expressed your interest in being able to access all the services and content in the Shop, but without having to pay in "real" currency. Today, we're offering a solution: the Conversion Stone.

The Conversion Stone allows you to exchange kamas for ogrines! It's the perfect way for those with some kamas in their account to spend them on boosters, for example.

You can buy it in the Shop for 5 euros, then sell it along to another player at whatever price you choose (in kamas), also from the Shop. An amount of 2,500 ogrines will then be credited to that buyer's account.

You can take your Conversion Stone off the market at any time to adjust its price. Note: once you've sold the Conversion Stone for kamas, it cannot be resold. In fact, it won't even exist anymore: the seller will simply leave with their kamas, and the buyer with their ogrines.

This new feature will be initially accessible for about two and a half months. But don't panic, you'll still be able to use and trade Conversion Stones in-game after that.

The Conversion Stone is available in the Shop right now.

To learn more, check out the devblog on this topic.