The Black Dragoone has left the World of Twelve to visit our good old Earth! All it needs now is a bit of space on your sofa, and it'll give you all the hugs in the world… Check it out in the Ankama Shop!

Okay, so, it doesn't purr. But it also doesn't scratch! Okay, so, it doesn't drool with joy when it sees you're home. But you don't need to take it for walks so it can do its business even when the weather is bad! The Black Dragoone – as an XL stuffed toy – is the pet of your dreams!

It can keep your goldfish company by talking to it for hours on end, scare off short-sighted thieves, and show surprising agility when you throw it at uninvited guests.

But above all, it'll always be there when you need love and cuddles! Don't wait to take it home: check it out in the Ankama Shop!