Not long ago, we announced a drawing contest on the theme of Pandalucia. And a whole lot of you grabbed your colored pencils, erasers and other tools of the trade to present your vision of Pandalucia. Today, the time has come to vote for your favorites!

Picking just 10 top candidates was a challenging task... But somehow we managed it! For the next game expansion, we asked you to use your artistic talents to share your vision of Pandalucia. So, first and foremost, thanks to everyone for participating!

Of all the entries we received, 10 came out on top in what we might call the "first round" of the contest. But it's not over yet! Now it's your turn to vote for your top 3 entries until the 27th of June (11:59 pm) !

Follow this link to cast your votes.

The winners you choose will be awarded the following prizes:

  • 1st Place: Update pack + Chancellor costume
  • 2nd Place: 30 day God Booster + Fan costume
  • 3rd Place: 7 day God Booster + Fan Costume

Thanks for participating!