Players, get ready, because Beta Update 1.64 is now available! You'll finally be able to step into Pandalucia and discover the new Enchantment system while exploring more vibrant and exciting environments than ever before.

For the Pandawas, Pandalucia is a sacred land where the bamboo milk flows freely. And now, it's finally opening its gates to adventurers with a thirst for thrills and excitement! And yet it seems that this lush paradise was not always the joyful land of happy travelers that it's known as today... The atmosphere here is as heavy and disorienting as Pandiego de la Vega's breath... Hard to say whether it's just a bit too much fermented bamboo milk or for some other reason, but Twelvians who set foot here often report a feeling that they're somewhere else, with their heads lost in the fog.

Come discover Pandalucia in Beta Update 1.64!

You'll also have the chance to test the new Enchantment system, which was already present in the Alpha version and was the subject of a recent devblog.

Sharp-eyed players will notice that certain improvements have also been made to the in-game environments. Subtle animations now bring an added layer of realism to the World of Twelve for an even more immersive adventuring experience!

You can read everything about the latest update of the Beta test server, here.

Download the Beta client and share with us your feedback!


What Is the Beta?

The WAKFU Beta server opens for several weeks prior to major updates being rolled out.

It allows players to come test the updates before they're rolled out so they can give us their views on in-game developments and help us identify any shortcomings.

The Beta server allows us to fine-tune and improve the way in which upcoming updates work by performing large-scale tests bringing together a few hundred different players.

These tests complement the ones we perform internally.


The Beta client is available via the Ankama Launcher.

In the Ankama Launcher, in the WAKFU general game options, activate the option "Display the other versions" to add the Beta client to the list of automatically updated games.

The Beta client is also available via the Updater.

The Beta server isn't always available – it is available when the WAKFU team needs to perform tests.

When a Beta version is available, a message is posted on the official website. Update notes (a "changelog") are usually provided as well.

Character Imports and Saves

Characters on the classic servers are usually exported to the Beta server when the Beta server opens.

In exceptional cases, these character imports may be performed again during the Beta period.

When no character import is performed when a new Beta is launched, the characters from the previous Beta are used.

Test Instructions

When the team provides no specific test instructions, we encourage players to test a Beta version using these two different methods:

  • Read the update notes ("changelog") and test the listed changes.
  • Test the content and features that are not directly affected by the update changes in order to perform regression tests (checking that the update doesn't introduce side effects).

In order to facilitate testing, Machines can be found in the Ecaflipus zone (accessible near the Astrub Zaap).

You can use them to buy many items to facilitate testing.

Communicating and Discussing With the Development Team

Players can communicate among themselves and with the team via the forums dedicated to the Beta server:

  • Feedback: a section including specific topics where members of the community can share their impressions.
  • Bugs: a section intended solely for bug reports.

We recommend players use the forums to report bugs and malfunctions encountered on the Beta server to us.

When necessary, a temporary Discord server dedicated to a specific update may be made available to the community:

Alpha Server

In exceptional cases, an Alpha served may be opened before a Beta server.

This type of server makes it possible to test a version that is still in development when we need tangible feedback from the community earlier than usual.

See you soon on the Beta server!