Starting today, four brand new figurines* are appearing in the online Ankama Shop. Yugo, Amalia, Ecaflip and Sram have all gotten swollen heads – and it suits them perfectly!

Available alone or in packs with a 6,000 ogrine card and a random gift as a bonus!**  

Yes! The emblematic couple in the WAKFU series has finally had their portraits sculpted. And the results certainly live up to the expectations of Princess Sheran Sharm and the young king of the Eliatropes! See for yourself:

These two figurines aren't the only new arrivals! Ecaflip and Sram adventurers are here too and brand new as well.

You can find them online now in the Ankama Shop, alone or in packs!

Get them now!

* Movable figurine (head and arms) with base. Actual product may differ from image.
** Offer valid until 24 June.

Are you #TeamAmalia or #TeamYugo?

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Get a chance to win a #TeamYugo or #TeamAmalia in-game rewards. Three winners per team will be randomly drawn at the end of this contest.

May Ecaflip bless you!

Good to Know

  • The contest will start on May 23 2:00 PM (Paris time).
  • The draw will take place on May 24 5:30 PM (Paris time).
  • Adventure Booster 30 days 
  • Sex and Appearance Change Potion
  • Amalia Finisher
  • Sadida Haven Bag Kit
  • Natroyale Costume
  • Adventure Booster 30 days 
  • Sex and Appearance Change Potion
  • Super Emote: Eliotrope
  • Eliotrope Haven Bag Kit
  • Yugofu the Tofugo Pet