He's known for being rather pigheaded, always ready to "tusk-tusk" you for the slightest misstep, and having a very strong hide used to make clothing of all kinds (for people who don't mind a whiff of snout following them around). But did you know that the Royal Blibli is as good at sniffing out impostors as he is at sniffing out truffles? At least that's what generation after generation of Bliblis have claimed…

The story goes that, back when their much-appreciated flesh was not yet widely used in the making of frankfurters, sausages, and salamis of all kinds, Bliblis filled their days with contests of all stripes: Acorn and mushroom speed-eating contest. Snout singing contest. Ham It Up joke contest (all hogwash all the time). And above all, the famous Truffle Shuffle contest to find out who's got the biggest… truffle, of course!

On this one particular festive day, hundreds of Bliblis were waiting patiently in line, their treasured truffles gripped firmly in their mouths. A very long line of tusks and fur snaked across the very length of the Boarthroom. This line lead to two Aggressive Bliblis standing on either side of a massive scale and looking serious and solemn. A sharp nod and a persuasive growl invited the Blibli at the front of the line to come over to them. The animal did as indicated shyly and then deposited the truffle in which all his hopes rested on one side of the scale. The first Aggressive Blibli examined the truffle closely while the second added the weights to determine how much the truffle weighed.

"oink, ooooinnnnnk, oinkoink, oinkoinkoink ooooooiiiinnnkkk, ooinnnkkkkkkk!"

A juror shook his head slowly, and disappointment barely had time to show up on the Blibli's face before the next competitor did the same, with a truffle of more or less the same size. Verdict equally disappointing: no trophy for him this year – again!

All day long, Blibli after Blibli shuffled by, depositing their truffles on the scale under the critical eyes of the two Aggressive Bliblis. But none managed to beat the previous year's record.

In the waiting line, everyone was grumbling non-stop about the winner from previous years.

"No point in getting your hopes up… That snooty snout of a Blibli, Gly Fosate is going to win again!"*

"You're right! It's the same every year! Just because he's friends with Mew Kuss, the head juror's granddaughter!"

"Did you see the size of his truffle this year?"

"Don't get me started… It's a big as his backside!"


Was jealousy trampling good sportsmanship and objectivity into the mud? Whatever the case, everyone agreed that the winner was a shoe in. Gly Fosate, a solitary Blibli, only left his home once a year for the Truffle Shuffle contest. He was known for being a bit of a stick-in-the-mud and a bit more antisocial. That, combined with an unusual gift for sniffing out the biggest truffles in the land, made him one of the most hated figures in the Blibli clan.

Suddenly, a dull, rock-like roar like the sound of a huge rolling stone, put an end to the general hilarity. And rightly so. The much-hated Gly Fosate was rolling his truffle with the ends of his tusks toward the scale under the sometimes amazed, sometimes scornful eyes of his peers.

"What did I tell you…" whispered one of them.

The two members of the jury asked several more Bliblis to help them lift the truffle. It took four of them, swaying like Pandawas leaving an inn, one nearly getting crushed, one nearly losing a tusk, and another nearly spraining a leg. When they finally managed to get it onto the scale, the scale literally collapsed under its weight. Stupefied, the Bliblis all grunted in unison. They'd all seen big truffles before… But this one was bigger than anything anyone had ever imagined.

One of them studied the scene with a defiant look. Something smelled funny… Fun-ny! He'd been collecting truffles in the World of Twelve since he was born… But he'd never seen anything like it. It wasn't the size that stuck out. Oh, no… Something looked off about it. And he was determined to get a closer look…

"Jury, if I may… While the verdict seems obvious to everyone, I'd like to take a look at that truffle if you don't mind."

"Well… There's nothing in the rules to forbid it. You can take a look if you like!" said one of the jury members.

The Blibli put on his most serious air and walked over toward the object of everyone's desire. He scratched the tip of his snout with a thoughtful look, and frowned.


He moved a little closer and examined the truffle from a different angle.

"Hmmm… I see…"

He bent down to examine its underside. Then he got on the tips of his hooves to study it from above.

"Hmmm… That's it…"

Without any warning, he gave the truffle a sharp, well-placed little tap. Instantly, the truffle shattered into a huge amount of smaller truffles, under the shocked eyes of the spectators. It collapsed like a house of cards, and hundreds of truffles – small and medium-sized truffles – rolled at everyone's feet.

"Ah-ha! Just what I suspected!" said the Blibli who'd uncovered the trickery.

A roar of indignation rose from the crowd. Gly Fosate had stuck a large number of truffles to each other to create the illusion of one huge mushroom. He wished the ground could open up and swallow him. Faced with the hundreds of pairs of accusing eyes glaring at him, he hoofed it out of there and headed for the forest, squealing like a Lousy Pig who'd lost a fight.

The Blibli who uncovered Gly Fosate's fraud and ended the imposture's many-year winning streak was immediately proclaimed King of the Bliblis. Even though his truffle was barely bigger than half a Glai snout. It just goes to show you that size doesn't always matter…

* Dialogues translated directly from Blibli into Twelvian.