Oh, how our World of Twelve is big! Oh, how our World of Twelve is beautiful! After exploring its primitive side on Moon Island, get into perfect harmony with nature thanks to this Smisse Odvaizor travel guide. Where? In the Sadida Kingdom, of course, you band of begonias!

Ogrest isn't the only one mistreating our world…

We hurt it too: exhaust pipes fill the atmosphere with Stasis, overfishing emptying the Asse Sea of its Snappers, and intensive Dragoturkey farming dirtying the air and groundwaters, not to mention all those littering Lousy Pigs! Luckily, we've chosen a haven of peace for you where adventurers defend plants and buds without ever trampling the dandelions – welcome to the Sadida Kingdom!

The Lung of the World of Twelve

Trees as far as the eye can see, bushes everywhere, frolicking ferns, wondrous woods… Yes, that's right, in the Sadida Kingdom, life is green and the air is pure.

Forests, Villages and Sites – Nature Is Everywhere!

For a weekend getaway or a longer vacation, the Sadida Kingdom is the perfect spot to rest and recover, even if you're poor as a pea. That's right: Nature walks are still free! Come with your little ones, enjoy the great outdoors, and show them how much fun nature can be.

Combat Arena

The myth of the noble savage isn't always true among the Sadidas. After throwing back a few, the bad apples tend to show their faces. If you don't want to upset the apple cart, or end up in a pickle, don't stick your nose where it doesn't belong and things should be just peachy. Quarrels are so common that the combat arena is the perfect place to extend an olive branch. A delightful local custom!

The Prison

After a visit to the combat arena, a trip to the prison is not to be missed. You'll spend an unforgettable night in a cozy cell made of Gobball dung covered with polished concrete. The accommodations promote a friendly atmosphere that might surprise newcomers. You might spend the night with another resident, for example, or be deprived of your supper if the prison gang is feeling peckish. That's right: Prison is the perfect place to get out of your comfort zone!

The Tree of Life Sanctuary

If you have an opportunity to enter the sanctuary, leave your skepticism outside and open your chakras. This mystical spot hidden from most is as luminous for the eyes as it is for the mind. During this hallucinatory visit, you'll need to let go when your awareness and imagination decide to lead you up the primrose path… Your quest will end in contemplation of the Sadidas' most valuable wonder, the plant that's the apple of their eyes – the Tree of Life.

More excerpts from the Smisse Odvaizor travel guide are coming soon!

Until then, get your fill of fresh air and nature in the Sadida Kingdom!

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