Just a few paddle strokes away from Pandala... an island suddenly appears! Is the myth finally coming true? Find out for yourself when you climb aboard for Update 1.64. Your skills as an adventurer will likely be stretched to the limit, but we can also promise you that there’ll be plenty of enchantment in store!

On this strange island, freshly risen from the sea, adventurers from level 140 to level 200 will find many mysteries to resolve and many battles to be fought.

After an unusual welcome at the island’s only port, your explorations will lead you from the village to the cemetery, and from the forest to the swamp. Along the way, you’ll meet four new families of monsters, including the Pandissidents and the Blightopards (but fortunately, no “Chien Pandalou” slicin’ up eyeballs!). And new families mean new dungeons... we’ll just let you guess how many of those there are!

What you can’t guess, though, is the number of new equipment items this update has to offer. Bets, anyone? No? Well, you’ll have far more important things to worry about in Pandalucia, the island where time itself seems to waver and bend, so we’ll just give you the answer: two hundred new items!

When we say enchantment, we mean enchantment!

That’s a promise from the development team, and one we don’t make lightly. You see, the next update will also include another big surprise, and one that affects players of all levels: Smithmagic is being eliminated!


Yes, smithmagic as you know it will soon be gone forever, but we’re replacing it with a new system that’s more flexible and dynamic: enchantment!

What is it? How does it work? Who does what? And can I get fries with that? You’ll get answers to (almost) all of these questions this Thursday, May 9, in a new devblog all about this exciting new feature!

Until then, just be patient: the bamboo milk is fermenting along peacefully. For now…